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Prichem Technology Ltd.
1901, E Block, The First International Wealth Center, South District, Dongguan 523000, China
Tel:  +86-769-8803 7277
Fax: +86-769-8899 2276

Technical Service
Prichem provides technical support to help customers find high quality, low cost materials that will enhance application performance. Since Prichem distributes a wide range of high performance materials varying in elemental purities and concentrations, our staff works closely with existing and new customers to fully understand requirements in terms of material specification and material utilization in production to ensure that our customers are getting the products they need.
Prichem offers both Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets for all materials our company provides. This ensures that our customers are receiving quality materials that can be transported, handled, and controlled in a safe manner.

Laboratory Analysis
Prichem uses a fully integrated laboratory to perform a complete chemical analysis to determine material specifications. Some of these laboratory capabilities include surface area, particle size, ICP, and atomic absorption analysis. These technologies allow research and development of new materials while also focusing on the quality and performance of our current materials.

Prichem is in continuous communication with logistics personnel to track shipments and verify delivery schedules. Our company works hand in hand with our air, ocean, rail, and trucking providers to ensure our customer's materials are delivered on time to the appropriate location.
By maintaining a flexible network of distribution facilities, Prichem can ensure rapid, on-time delivery. For research and samples, we offer 2-3 days delivery to USA, Japan, Korea and 3-5 days delivery for the EU & rest of the world.

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