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Prichem Technology Ltd.
1901, E Block, The First International Wealth Center, South District, Dongguan 523000, China
Tel:  +86-769-8803 7277
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Welcome to Prichem!  

We offer a complete range of high purity metals, oxides and various compounds.
Purities range from technical grade to ultra high purity 99.9999%.

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• Petroleum refining
• Chemical processing
• Catalytic converter
• Diesel additives 
• Industrial pollution scrubber

• Display phosphors
• Medical imaging phosphors
• Lasers
• Fiber optics
• Optical temperature sensors
• Sputtering Targets

• Polishing compounds
• Optical glass
• UV resistant glass
• X-ray imaging
• Thermal control mirrors
• Colorizers/Decolorizers
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About us

Prichem Technology limited, established in 2001, specializes in high purity metals, oxides, compounds and fine chemicals for use in research and industry. We have many years experiences allowing us to provide wide range of chemicals and is recognized as a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative research materials and advanced materials.

We are able to provide high quality and reliable products to customers for R&D and industry production. Our customers include most of the worlds' research institutes as well as ceramic and optical industry.
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