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Product Details
Germanium Metal
Formular: Ge
CAS No.: 7440-56-4
Molecular Weight: 72.64
Apperance: Gray-white
Germanium MetalGermanium Metal is an important semiconductor material used in transistors and various other electronic devices. Its major end uses are fiber-optic systems and infrared optics, but it is also used for polymerization catalysts, in electronics and in solar electric applications.
Standard of Quality
 Code  ME324  ME323  ME322  ME321
 Grade  99.9999%  99.999%  99.99%  99.9%
 Ge (% min.)  99.9999  99.999  99.99  99.9
 Impurities (% max.)  
 Cu  0.000001   0.00002   0.0005   0.001
 Fe  0.00001  0.0001  0.0005  0.001
 Ni  0.000002  0.00002  0.0005  0.003
 Pb  0.000002  0.00001  0.0005  0.005
 Co  0.000002  0.00002  0.0005  0.004
 Al  0.000001  0.00001  0.0005  0.002
 As  0.000001  0.00005  0.0005  0.001
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Germanium Metal can be processed to different shape, also is available alloyed with other metals.

Powder Wire Foil Rod Tube Disc
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